Our Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy elucidates the way in which Project DNA uses, collects, discloses, and upholds information accumulated from our users.  This policy will apply to our website http://www.projectdnaapps.com and all it pages, services, apps, and products offered by us (Project DNA).

How we Shield and Protect your Information

All delicate and confidential data exchanges between our website and its users use the proper IP’S and occurs over a secured SSL network. It is encrypted and  protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption provided by our website host. We only associate secure algorithms to our website that are provide and certified by the publisher/corporation such as PayPal etc..

Data Create within Apps (My Linggo, My Locked Passwords, My Flashcards, My Flashcards BETA, My To-do List, My Pen Calculator,  My Receipts, NEON Radio)  by the User.

We do NOT! have access/collect any data, that is created within any of the apps that the user has download and/or are using. 

We do NOT! collect/store any data on any of our servers, that is created within any of the apps by the user. 

Sharing your Personal/Non-Personal Information

We do NOT! rental, trade, or sell any persona/non-personal information provide to us by the users.  All information that is provide will be shared only with our site and products/services that are certified and trusted links such as the listed above. 

How we might use the Accumulated Information

We may collect and use user’s personal/non-personal information for the following objectives.

  1. To keep you informed
  2. We might use email address provided by users to respond to their feedback, questions, inquiries and/or other request. Users may receive emails that include updates, news, related to services and products.
  3. To improve our website/products
  4. We might use user’s feedback to improve our website/products.
  5. To accommodate users experience
  6. Information might be used to understand how users are using our products and services.
  7. To improve customer service

  1. Information provided by you the user can help us provide with better services.

Non- Personal Information we might collect
We might gather miscellaneous information such as, but not limited to; type of computer and OS. Methods users interact with our site, product and services. Methods of connecting to our site or products. Broad accumulated demographic information and other similar technical information might be gathered.
Personal Information we might collect
Personal information might be collected in several ways, but not limited to, when the user visits our site,  connecting with other activities, features, and services that our available at our website. Users may be ask to provide with personal information such as name and email address. Users are not required to give personal information. We only collect information that is provide to us by the user.
Changes to our Privacy Policy
We hold the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time.  The newest updates/changes to our policy will be posted to our website and encourage users to visit this page frequently for any changes and to stay informed of how we are securing and protecting any personal information we might collect.  You accept and agree that is your responsibility to review our privacy policy regularly and become aware of any adjustments.
Accepting our Terms
By using this website, you accept our policy and terms of service. If you do not ably to this policy, pleases do not use our website.

Contacting Us
For any question about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at  click here.
Most recent update: July 21, 2015